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Adventure of a system admin: inside job review

Writer Juan Espinosa
Art El Santa
Colorist Candela Grizutti


Comic books are a great way to relax. Reading about the adventures of others is always fun, even if it happens to be in a everyday IT office job. This comic book follows JJ Hernandez who is also known as Gordidon. JJ is a common guy who loves his family and cares for his mother. He quit college to get his dream job. Despite being a college dropout JJ is still intelligent and resourceful. It can be his team at work or a random meeting at the store and JJ is ready and willing to help with IT related issues.

Case in point , JJ is helps a cashier with how her business can utilize the free WiFi without running into issues. Due to his confidence while solving the problem JJ also gains a date. The department of IT is not the most interesting and exciting but with the recent hacking that’s t been taking place things could be heating up. About as much as they can in a office setting. JJ and his IT crew have found out a hacker set up a fake site to steal important information or infect users systems. They set up a trap to catch the hacker using the WiFi modem as their bait. With all the excitement it doesn’t stop the everyday IT work that my be done. Juan Espinosa does an awesome job of showing what IT support has to deal with daily as well as dropping a few tips to help out in real life. The art and colors are amazing and showing the details on the computer screens had me laughing.

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Review by Matthew Jones
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Marassa issue 2 review

Writer Greg Anderson Elysée, Artist Antonello Cosentino, Colorist Francesco Montalbano, Letterer Justin Birch

Marassa issue 2 is the newest book from writer Greg Anderson Elysée, artist Antonello Cosentino, colorist Francesco Montalbano and letterer Justin Birch. Marassa is a masterpiece and splendid like all the comic books by Evoluzione. Elysée brings the adventure of treasure hunting and pirate life to the forefront. This book has everything space pirates, bounty hunters, humanoid snake doctors, black mermaids,Vodou and wood babies. The colors and representation in this space adventure are bright and look amazing.
When you read this book you feel completely lost in the book. Everything feels so real and splendid. You will see a beautifully pictured planet while also meeting Shelly and Belleza here. The trees and the ocean around them look amazing. On the next few pages, we catch up with Mara and her husband. Her brother Sa was found died by Luna in the first pages. She wants to go find Sa but her husband Tabias fears for her safety. Shelly sees Sa’s future in the cards and then goes down to the bottom of the ocean to another world. Mars goes off planet to find her brother. When Tabias hears this he not one bit happy. But, his mother tells him that she was born for adventure and she has to go.
Marassa is a universe of interesting characters and worlds. Go grab your copy of issue 1 and back issue 2 currently on kickstarter to see why the SWS were so mad.

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Review by Matthew Jones
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Ma’Ari issue 1 Review

Written by Elisa Bisignano

Art by Iolanda Zanfardino


The story takes place in the city of Palermo, Italy, written by Elisa Bisignano and Iolanda Zanfardino. Ma’Ari explores the situation of a city which is under the spell of darkness. No one knows that the darkness is actually present inside the church. The powerful evil has occupied the statue of the patron mother in the church. In the opening, you see the mysterious evil mocking the faith of people in the mother. It also expresses its evil plans for the people of this city. In the next page, you will meet Janaan and her friend Simone. She is a witch and this runs in her blood. Her grandmother was also a witch and leader of their coven. Janaan and Simone are known for helping the common people with their problems. You will also meet the great priest Father Andrea.
But, sadly the Father becomes the first victim of the darkness when he returns to the church and feels that something is not right. Janaan and Simone’s journey start at this point. Now, the witches have to care for and help the people while also solving this mysterious case. The plot of the story and the sequence is awesome with great characters. You will not get bored and it will urge you to read all the pages till the end. The color pattern and everything in the book makes it amazing. So grab Ma’Ari and enjoy the beginnings of a wonderful adventure.
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Review by Matthew Jones
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Soul Pact 1 Review

An Evoluzione publishing 2019 comic book

Written by Marcel Dupree, colored by Lorenzo Berdondini and Illustrated by Vincenzo Sansone.



The comic is all about the two main characters Nell and Nia. Nell was the lord of the 5th ring of hell. Eventually, her sisters go against her and put her to death. She made a pact with a human girl Nia who was also depressed by her boyfriend and other friends. She wanted to get respect and loyalty from them and Nell wanted to live. So, they made a pact that Nell will possess Nia and both of them will help each other get revenge.
I am a huge fan of this comic. When you read it you will come to understand the fun of this story. The opening of the story and all the events are pointed out very clearly. Marcel has made everything clear to understand by all. He has plotted the story in a way that the reader is urged to read the comic till the last page. The story work and the characterization is just awesome. The colors of the book and the layouts point out everything beautifully. The whole work is vibrant and just stupendous.
The wonderful illustration of everything going in Nia’s life is put on display. All the stories and rude behaviors of her friends. You will see her interest in games while she tries to ignore the other things but ends up in a very stressful situation. So, what more can I say? You will come to love these characters when you read the comic. Just unfold the pages and here you go.

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Review by Matthew Jones

Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 1

By Robert Jeffrey II, Matted Illuminati, Loris Ravina


When you are a sucker for a good story with a great supernatural theme, Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 1 feels right at home. Your heart races from the beginning of the story and through to the end. Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 1 is not your regular tale of vampires and witches. It begins with the escape of a little girl from the clutches of a demonic couple. We never get to see what happens to this girl next, but we move swiftly to the future and to a group dedicated to fighting the supernatural. I love the reference to Sade’s music in the comic. Now, while you might not be a fan of the classics, this part of the story helps to draw you in even further and make this comic unique! Travis and Prya are a fun, powerful duo to watch and just when you are getting to love them, the story ends with a bestselling suspense. All the questions you have as a reader only make you want to read Issue 2 faster. Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 1 is thrilling, fun, action, and if Robert Jeffrey II wanted us hungry for more, we certainly are!

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Review by Chloe Patrick


Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 2

By Robert Jeffrey II, Matted Illuminati, Loris Ravina

Mine to Avenge: The book of Layla 1 was a great pacesetting piece for Issue 2. I welcomed the Mine to Avenge: the book of Layla 2 with all my heart as the supernatural mystery continued. The action and fun were not left behind in this comic, and we could finally get the answers to some nagging questions. Don’t expect any spoilers here but it’s safe to say that we finally get more insight into what happened to Leah. We also meet Layla, who is as amazing as Travis and Prya in fighting skills, if not more. Then, we get to understand that the demonic couple in the first issue are badass bad guys who don’t stay dead. The story continues to offer bits and pieces on Leah’s life while hinting that the CABAL is strongly linked to her. Great comic, great art, excellent attention to detail. As expected, our appetite for the next issue keeps growing.

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Review by Chloe Patrick


Sunnyside: The Rabbit Trail Part 1

By Laurance Rippy


This is one of those stories you know will be worth your while. There are several things that make a comic qualify as a great piece and Sunnyside: The Rabbit Trail Part 1 showed a lot of them from the start. The art is an important part of this comic that must be recognized. It is smooth, detailed, beautiful, and expressive. The story itself has an intriguing beginning that gets you engaged and excited. It delivers an important message about the support of family and friendship when situations get tough. You can already tell that Julian and Sandrine are characters to love. Sandrine is a tough girl and a perfect match for Julian. Their friendship seems so natural and wonderful to watch. Also, the fact that there is a much larger story to anticipate enhances the appeal of this comic. The mystery with Julian is sure to be unraveled soon and there is the character in the shadows who is yet to be revealed. Sunnyside: The Rabbit Trail Part 1 is an intelligent and entertaining piece for all ages.

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Review by Chloe Patrick



by Cameron Knight


It’s always refreshing to find stories where being special or gifted in something is normal. “Clique” is a refreshing piece. It is fun, engaging, and natural. We can follow the lives of a group of friends each trying to be responsible but maintaining an adventurous charm. You can already see that Simone is a bit worrisome. She’s scared about not meeting up to things like rent, but Brooke is carefree. She believes these things will take care of themselves and puts her happiness first. It looks like Brooke greatly influences Simone, so they both end up in trouble, but she is always ready to smooth things over with her carefree spirit. Then, there are other girls like Mya and Remy who are really great characters. Remy is a Dj which is inspiring. They make it worth your while. The characters have some abilities that satisfies an action theme for most readers. They also do not lack in large weapons like the Saber edge. Overall, great comic!

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Review by Chloe Patrick


Renisha & Cjay

By Isaiah Massey


There are moments in our childhood that many of us can never forget. They were moments filled with uncertainty, passion, friendship, a little betrayal here and there and much more. Reading “Renisha & Cjay” make you relive those moments but in a wonderful way. Every boy who has ever had a crush on the popular girl can relate to Cjay’s journey. Another amazing thing about this comic is that it gives you more than a teenager’s love story. Isaiah Massey was able to weave a captivating backstory into the main idea of “Renisha & Cjay”. As readers, we can enjoy the main parts of the story while still wondering what’s going on in other areas like the part of the monster who later shows up. We also hear about the Red Streak and how he did something heroic. An avid thinker might just start to wonder if history can repeat itself in the characters’ town and we could just be heading for a much deeper story. The comic also leads you to others by Isaiah Massey, which is great. “Renisha & Cjay” is a captivating read. It is relatable, funny, and for everyone who loves a good comic.

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Review by Chloe Patrick